David Sulwer Photography


As a photographer David sees the value and impact of having good quality photography.  In today's virtual media world, more often than not the images you post are not only the first impression you give your clients but sometimes the only impression.  

David Sulwer Photography takes pride in realizing your needs as a client by listening to your goals and taking the time to make sure the images we produce paint the picture of who you are, what you are selling and how you want to be portrayed.  

Once we know the story we want to tell, David uses his strength in lighting and composition to make your images the best they can possibly be.  

If you are considering professional photography, please feel free to give David Sulwer Photography a call.  David is more than happy to talk through your project and see how he can help.


Established in 1999

David got his start in Chicago where he had the fortune of working with some of the best photographers in the city.  He took the experience and the knowledge gained and moved to Charlotte.  
After a couple of years in town, David opened a studio of his own.  He has always relied on a natural instinct when it comes to lighting and has displayed a sharp eye for composition.  
Throughout the years David has been hired to photograph products that range the spectrum from tiny to enormous.  He has photographed precious diamonds as well as ships larger than football fields and all sorts of people & products in between.  Regardless of the subject, he always strives to use lighting to make the subject look better than they already do.  Granted diamonds are easier to make beautiful than a cargo ship, but David has had success with both!  

Having been exposed to so many different challenges  there are few situation David isn't prepared for.   His experience is something you can rely on.

Meet the Business Owner: David S.

David is the main director here at David Sulwer Photography.  He grew up in the midwest and brings those values with him.   Along with making great pictures, enjoying great food (which he enjoys preparing himself) David loves a good laugh.  

He is a husband and a father to two beautiful little girls.  

David makes a point to get to know each of his clients whether they are bringing him products to photograph or being photographed themselves.  He enjoys a good story and loves a good joke.   And you'll have to forgive him, but there's nothing he finds more funny than watching somebody trip and fall...assuming they don't get hurt!

Aside from taking pictures David, or Dave as most of his friends know him, likes to spend time outdoors, hiking, camping and of course grilling.  His love of food pushed him to produce his own line of seasonings.  You should ask him about them if you enjoy eating things that taste good!  

David is always up for grabbing a beer or a quick bite, if you are interested in hiring a professional photographer, offer to buy him a beer and he'll answer as many questions as he can.